An immersive performance fusing sound and light with live music and dance.

Venue: Market Hall


An immersive performance fusing sound and light with live music and dance.

Circle/دایره is a new immersive performance work grown out of an artistic collaboration between light artists Squidsoup and musicians Vilk Collective. With sold out shows at Trinity, The Egg Theatre, Bristol Beacon, Arnolfini and St Mary’s Fratton, the show now comes to the Market Hall immersive dome in Plymouth thanks to the Barbican Theatre and Real Immersive.

The 45 minute sensory experience combines original music, mesmerising lights and additional choreography by Laura Kriefman and Plymouth’s Far Flung Dance to explore themes of identity and migration.

Audiences have said that Circle/دایره creates its own unique world to experience in a mesmerising, hypnotic and soothing way:

  • “It was fantastic! I’m really touched by the stories surrounding the music and their collaborative performance.”
  • “It was so wonderful and relaxing and peaceful I would love to come again.”
  • “Honest, raw and expressive.”
  • “Everything was perfectly tailored & worked seamlessly, the music, the vocals, lights and dancing were incredible.”

Bristol based Vilk Collective are, at its core, creative duo Roxana & Peter Vilk, both musicians & award winning filmmakers, who met in Bosnia just after the war.

Conflict was a backdrop to both their childhoods. Roxana grew up in Iran and her family fled when the Iran/Iraq war started. Pete was born in London but his parents grew up in the old Czechoslovakia and fled when the Russian tanks invaded in 1968.

At the heart of their artistic approach is collaboration. They have created works globally with a variety of communities, organisations and artists. The themes of heritage, identity and migration are often central to their work.

Most recently they received prototype funding from Bristol & Bath Creative R+D to work with renowned installation artists Squidsoup. They spent research time at Trinity Centre in Bristol (where Roxana was Associate Artist) exploring spatialised sound composition. They experimented with the AudioWave technology, working to fuse Squidsoup’s expertise of creating sound and light artworks, with the live performance and compositional skills of Vilk Collective. Out of these new approaches they co-created Circle/دایره.

Squidsoup is a UK-based international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers working with digital and interactive media experiences. Their work combines physical and dynamic digital spaces with novel and intuitive forms of interaction to produce immersive, responsive and beguiling experiences.

Vilk Collective are a Jazz World Electronica duet and group based in Bristol.

Please note: the performance on Sunday 1 October at 11am will be more relaxed ‘Sensory Sunday’ performance suitable for all but particularly appealing for those with sensory needs.

Squidsoup and Vilk Collective’s Songs of Home is presented by the Barbican Theatre and Real Immersive.