We have tried to include all of our FAQs here but if there’s something you don’t see – please let us know via our contact form.

Market Hall Building & Cafe

What are your opening times?

Our normal opening times are:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm (co-work until 5:30pm)
Saturday: 9:30am – 4:00pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 2:00pm

Co-working is between these hours only and these are also the standard hours where you will find our cafe open.

How do I visit you?

We are at the Market Hall in Devonport, Plymouth. All of our accessibility and travel info can be found on the Market Hall page.

Is your building wheelchair friendly?

Our building is fully accessible by wheelchair with a lift to the 2nd floor and disabled toilet facilities on both floors. If you are booking in for a dome screening just let someone know at the cafe when you arrive if you require help finding a place to sit in the dome.

Is your cafe menu vegetarian and vegan-friendly?

Yes, we have a fully vegetarian and vegan menu with milk alternatives in the cafe. Please view our full menu here.

Immersive Dome

What is a 360 dome?

If you’ve never been in a dome before, picture a screen which wraps all the way around you from the ceiling all the way to the floor. The dome has a diameter of 15m and a completely flat floor with beanbag seating for viewing (folding chairs are available if required). The removable seating makes the space highly versatile and has hosted music, theatre, yoga, DJ sets, dance and more.

Here is a handy diagram and a photo to help:

The purpose of a dome is to immerse the viewer in visuals and sound which come from all around. Many domes around the world are used as planetariums but we like to use ours for creative, innovate, and educational purposes.

Check out our What’s On page to view our upcoming screenings!

Can I hire the dome?

We welcome school and group bookings and the dome is also available for private events. For further information please complete our Contact Form.

If you wish to hire the dome for development or R&D purposes please see our Immersive Tech Facilities page to check out out Tech Spec guide or to book a dome induction.

Events & Experiences

How can I get a refund on my ticket?

We accept refund requests before the event has taken place if submitted via your Eventbrite account. Simply log in and request a refund and we will accept it within 3 working days.

Are your dome experiences suitable for people with additional sensory needs?

We pride ourselves on our sensory content which we show as part of our weekly programme. Check out our What’s On page to see what is coming up that might suit you.

Co-work & Hire

How much is it to book a room?

Here is a standard price list. For anything not listed here please get in touch directly through our Contact Form.

How much is it to co-work?

Please view our Co-Work & Room Hire page.

Who can co-work at Market Hall?

Anyone with a free Real Ideas Membership. If you want to try it out for just one day – book a single co-work day for only £12.50 either online or in the cafe.

Schools & Groups

I am a teacher at a school, how do I book for my class to come and see the dome?

We have school slots available via our Eventbrite. You simply need to book and pay through there. If you have any additional questions or requests please let us know through our Contact Form.

Do you have any content around curriculum topics?

You can choose the content you want to see to suit your curriculum needs from our playlist. We have lots of educational content around space, forests & trees, climate change, and the ocean.

What groups are welcome to book?

We currently welcome bookings from a wide range of education and community groups, including Scouts, Guides, SEN providers, walking groups and Early Years. If your group would like to visit let us know via our Contact Form.