Join us on the 21st April for a rejuvenating Wellness Day crafted just for you!

Venue: Ocean Studios


Join us on the 21st April for a rejuvenating Wellness Day crafted just for you!

Are you feeling like your nervous system is under fire?

Yoga, breathwork, Qi gong and meditation are all scientifically proven to improve wellbeing, working on the nervous system and improving vagal tone. The vagus nerve is a key player when it comes to improving wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and by improving vagal tone, we can literally alter the way our bodies respond to stress. So come along and give your body and mind the rest and reset it needs.

Join us at RAMP (Real Art Make Print) at Ocean Studios on the 21st April 2024 for a rejuvenating Wellness Day organised and run by Pillars of Wellness and Wellbeing.

Event Highlights:

Yoga Bliss with Michelle Finlay

Embrace the day with a soul-soothing yoga session led by the incredible Michelle Finlay. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, this session is tailored for all skill levels.

Breathwork and Qi Gong with Max Hickson

Max Hickson invites you on a transformative journey of breathwork and qi gong, promoting awareness and balance. Discover the power of your breath and unlock a path to inner serenity.

Lunch Break – Nourish Your Body

Indulge in a wholesome lunch break from Hedgerow Hound, connecting with fellow attendees and fuelling your body for the afternoon. Info regarding lunch options will follow.

Wellbeing Workshop with Lauren Barratt

Connect and discuss wellbeing with this tailored workshop with Lauren from Wellbeing Workshops CIC; a non-profit organisation which aims to embed a culture of happiness and health throughout the community.

Meditation Serenity with David Rees

Guided by soothing voice of David Rees, unwind and reflect with a calming meditation session, leaving you refreshed and inspired.

*Please note, some aspects may be subject to minor changes, but we will endeavour to keep it as close as possible to the above agenda.

Event Details:

Date: 21st April 2024, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard


Supporter Ticket: £65 (plus fees)

General Admission: £45 (plus fees)

Middle Range: £35 (plus fees)

Low Income: £25 (plus fees)

What to Expect:

  • A Warm and Welcoming Environment
  • Connect with Like-Minded Individuals
  • Exclusive Event-Only Discounts
  • Share Your Thoughts in Feedback Forms

Why Attend?

  • Foster Positive Habits for Mental Health
  • Affordable Day Retreat Experience
  • Learn Self-Care Techniques for a Balanced Life


Secure Your Spot!
Limited to 20 attendees, so act fast! Let’s create a community of well-being together.

This event is part of a series aimed at fostering a culture of wellness. These sessions are subsidised with funding from POP (Plymouth Octopus Project); the full ticket value is £100 per person.

Stay tuned for more exciting events with Pillars of Wellness and Wellbeing CIC.

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