The Plymouth Pear - Immersive Dome Experience

Experience The Plymouth Pear as part of the Plymouth Urban Tree Festival

Venue: Market Hall


Experience The Plymouth Pear as part of the Plymouth Urban Tree Festival

Celebrating new life and the fertility of spring from a human point of view, this audio-visual installation was created especially for the Market Hall.

Digging beneath the surface of blossom, it explores the complex geometric designs found in nature and activates our senses.

How does blossom make you feel?

Bathe beneath the blossom or press the interactive button to watch the movements of blossom shift across the dome.

Featuring The Plymouth Pear, a poem by Simon Armitage that vividly describes the resilience of one of Britain’s rarest trees. ‘A fugitive species’ found in the hedgerows of Plymouth and Truro, the tree produces beautiful white blossom with a surprising smell.

Audio-visual installation by Patrick J Pearson and LYR.
Poetry by Simon Armitage, The Poet Laureate.

Part of Blossomise by Simon Armitage and his band LYR in collaboration with the National Trust. Supported by Players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Plymouth Urban Tree Festival

This May join Plymouth Tree People to celebrate the second Plymouth Urban Tree Festival! People in Plymouth clearly love trees so we are joining other cities including London and Belfast for the 7th annual Urban Tree Festival to celebrate how much we value and appreciate our city’s trees.

The Plymouth Pear experience will run for an hour in the dome, stay for as little or as long as you like.