Portrait Clinic: The Exhibition

An Exhibition to showcase the work made at weekly portrait clinics with Mark Fielding at Ocean Studios. 19th - 5th Feb.

Venue: Real Art Make Print at Ocean Studios


An Exhibition to showcase the work made at weekly portrait clinics with Mark Fielding at Ocean Studios. 19th – 5th Feb.

Portrait Clinic originated in 2019 at Ocean Studios organised by studio holder Mark Fielding. Explore the artwork created by the portrait clinic community from 19th Jan – 15th Feb.

Mark wanted to create a space for drawing life portraits regularly. The idea was to foster an open and informal environment for other artists, so the sessions commenced in the cafe at Ocean Studios.

Then, Mark encountered Margaret, a resident of Royal William Yard. Margaret visited Mark’s studio, and they immediately connected. Consequently, she began frequenting the sessions regularly. Initially, Portrait Clinic featured various models, but Margaret eventually became the recurring model, infusing a unique essence into the clinic.

The group convenes every week, dedicating two hours to drawing, sketching, and painting, pausing midway for coffee and conversation. While chatter prevails during breaks, silence descends when they immerse themselves in their artwork. Occasionally, they engage in conversations from the cafe or relish the diverse musical selection playing in the background.

Towards the end, they examine their collective work, each piece distinct from the others. Despite personal dissatisfaction, they find solace and motivation in each other’s words. Witnessing individual growth and improvement fuels their confidence, leading to enhanced creativity across their artistic endeavors.

What initially began as Mark’s plan to sketch portraits has blossomed into a close-knit community of artists, sharing their creative odyssey. Bonds formed within the Portrait Clinic extend beyond its confines, resulting in enduring friendships, bringing immense joy to Mark.

Experiencing Portrait Clinic

‘I have been attending the Portrait Clinic for two years now and it has really helped me improve my observational skills and contribute to my daily practice.’

‘Portrait Clinic is the most enjoyable class. It is such a relaxed atmosphere in the Real Ideas Cafe, with no judgment from Mark – just encouragement and advice to really look and see what is in front of you whilst exploring techniques and ideas. Such a friendly bunch of people to spend a couple of hours with.’

‘Mark gives us the freedom to explore our areas of interest and try different media including pencil, charcoal, watercolours and acrylic. He encourages us to develop individually whatever our experience or starting point.’

If you’re interested in taking part in the 2024 programme of Portrait Clinic visit : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/portrait-clinic-with-mark-fielding-tickets-493761904147

This exhibition if free of charge and available to view during Ocean Studios cafe hours.

Please register your interest through the free link below on the day you’d like to visit.