Devon Open Studios - Participation Fee

This event has been made to collect participation fee for Devon Open Studios

Venue: Real Art Make Print at Ocean Studios

Date: Sat 7th Sep | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


This event has been made to collect participation fee for Devon Open Studios

Devon Open Studios  

We are looking for studio holders to take part in Devon Open Studios, running from 7th – 22nd September again this year, we’re looking for 6-10 members to join in, the cost of involvement is £550 and we’d look at splitting this equally between participating Members.  

What does participation look like?

We are looking to take part on the following days and activities:

An exhibition of participants work from 7th – 22nd September

Followed by engagement during the following dates:

7th September – Launch and Native Makers – Open Studios – 6-8pm

11th September – Late Night studio opening – Open Studios – 6-8pm

14th –15th September – Open Studios 11 – 3pm

21st – 22nd September – Open Studios 11 – 3pm

There is also nothing to stop you/us from extending to open for additional activity across the event timescale.

What do you get for your participation fee?

  • Footfall of people exploring your studio, potential sales and connections
  • Social Media mentions
  • Visible in the Devon Open Studios brochure
  • Part of a large network of artists and makers

Cost for Members:

£55 per person

If we have 10 members joining – the split cost will be £55 per person (It’s £170 if you’re looking to do it individually!)  By organising we can save you a tonne of money if you’re interested in being part of the event anyway!