Join us on the 9th – 11th May 2024 to explore innovative uses of immersive technologies to create social and environmental change. Located at the Market Hall, a cutting-edge immersive tech centre that features a state of the art 360° immersive dome with an impressive 19.1 speaker array.

9th May 2024 – For School & Educators: Linking secondary school pupils with industry professionals to inspire a career in technology.

10th May 2024 – For Industry & Sector: Connecting businesses, freelancers and creatives to foster immersive collaboration opportunities.

11th May 2024 – For General Public: Open day for the public to get immersed!

Immersive technologies – 360° content, domes, VR, AR, mixed reality, frameless experiences – are growing rapidly, offering new forms of entertainment in a variety of domestic and public environments. These technologies require new skills and offer exciting opportunities to see the world in new ways, tackle challenges and change lives.

Over the course of the festival, we will be showcasing new immersive content, hosting live spatial audio events and discussing ways in which to engage communities in content production, such as creating content specifically for children with diverse needs. There will be lightening talks, panel discussions, a marketplace, XR demos, networking and more!

If you have a product, service or development that uses immersive tech for social or environmental change and would like to present it at the festival please get in touch. You may want to host a lightening talk, have a stall, or join a panel – whatever it is we’d love to hear from you.

We believe immersive technologies have the power to make change happen. Together we can raise the profile of everything that is already happening, learn from each other, amplify, and accelerate change.

Please join us!